Looper (2012)


"They usually come for me in the golden moments which don’t feel like acting. When you’ve suddenly, everything just seems so alive that it’s a whole different place from acting. Those are the moments that I live for and that I love so much. When you have that kind of…when you have a scene that just works and it bubbles and it comes alive and you forget what you’re saying. You forget what your hands are doing. Those are the moments and they don’t happen all the time. You try and fight for them as much as possible."

- Emily Blunt describing moments that make her feel like an actor (x)

The Young Victoria costume appreciation (2/?)

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"We fell in love the moment we met. We honestly did. We did Charlie Wilson’s War together. I did three days on it and she was in it.

She gave me this award recently, which was so nice that she was there and  made this wonderful speech. I remember her talking about how we met.  

She said, ‘I met Emily in my trailer. I had shoulder pads and she had a hideous skirt on. And she was wearing a low cut top. I stared at her breasts and the rest is history.’  

And that really is what happened. Amy had a good ol’ look at my cleavage and I went, ‘Are you looking at my boob?’ And she went, ‘Yeah, I’m sorry. Sorry about that.’ And we laughed.”

-Emily Blunt describing how Amy Adams stared at her boobs when they first met. (x)


emily blunt | sunshine cleaning (requests)

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The Period Drama Meme8/9 HeroinesQueen Victoria (The Young Victoria)

I will not have my role usurped. I wear the crown and if there are mistakes they will be my mistakes, and no one else will make them!


"Time travel has not yet been invented. But thirty years from now, it will have been"

→ Looper (2012)